Tuesday, February 15, 2011

The Holy Quran

The Holy Quran
The promised Messiah's Beliefs (from his writings)

The title Khatam al-Nabiyyin used for the Holy Prophet (on whom be peace and blessings of God) requires - the term in its own right requires - that the Book revealed to the Holy Prophet (on whom be peace and blessings) should be Khatam al-Kutub, it should be a book perfect in all dimensions. The Quran is full of such perfection.

(Malfoozat vol. 3, pg. 36)

I was young and now I am old. There are people who would know and if they will, they will bear witness that I have had no concern with worldly affairs. My interests have centered in religion. Let me tell you that the Book called the Quran is most Holy, most full of spiritual wisdom.... The blessings and benefits we expect from a true faith, this book has come at last to confer on man. Through it man comes to inherit the Grace of God. Can it be that having found such a light we should turn again to darkness, having had eyes should choose to become blind again.

(Sanatan Dharam, pg. 67)

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Holy Prophet Muhammad (saw) - 10‏

Holy Prophet Muhammad (saw)
The promised Messiah's Beliefs (from his writings)

The perfect man to whom the Holy Quran was revealed did not have a limited vision and his general sympathy for the people at large was in no way faulty. Rather he was so sympathetic for all the people – with no distinction of time and space – that the Mercy of God was fully manifested in him; so much so that he became the Khatamul Ambiya. But, of course, he was not Khatamul Ambiya in the sense that no blessing would henceforth accrue to anyone. He is Khatamul Ambiya in the sense that no blessing can accrue to anyone without his seal and as for his Umma (his followers) the door of converse with God the Almighty is open for them till the Day of Resurrection, it will never be closed. No other Prophet is the possessor of the Seal: only he possesses the Seal, which grants prophethood - of course the prophethood for which it is essential that one should be an Ummati (follower) too. His sympathy has not left the Umma in a deficient position and he did not tolerate that the door of the converse of God which is the means of God – realization, should remain closed for them. Of course, in order to maintain the proof of his being Khatamun Nabiyyin he has willed it that all blessing should accrue to the people through him; whoever is not an Ummati (follower) should find the door of the converse of God closed to him. This is what God really means by calling him the Khatamul Ambiya.

(Haqiqatul Wahy, p-27)

My belief is that whoever claims to be a real and direct prophet having gotten away from the blessings of the Holy Prophet, peace be on him, and does not drink deep at the blessed fountain of the Holy Prophet, rather claims to be directly commissioned by God, such a person is a heretic and irreligious.

(Anjam-iAtham. p-27, footnote)

What God wishes you to believe is that God is one and Mohammad, peace be on him, is His Prophet and the Khatamul-Ambia (the Seal of the Prophets) and superior to all other prophets. There is no prophet after him except the one who is made to wear the mantle of the Holy Prophet, in a reflective manner, for, the servant is not separate from his master, nor is the branch from its root. Thus he who gets himself completely merged in his master and gets the title of Prophet from God Himself cannot be said to be the one who interferes in the matter of Khatm-i-Nubuwwat.

(Kashti-Nooh, p-15)