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Holy Prophet Muhammad (saw) - 4‏

Holy Prophet Muhammad (saw)
The promised Messiah's Beliefs (from his writings)

Only two lives are worthy of praise. One is the life of Our God, the Life Giver, the Life Sustainer, the Source of Graces and Favours. The other life is the life which enriches and favours and is God-like in its graces. This second kind of life - come, let me tell you - is the life of our Holy Prophet (on whom be peace and blessings of God). Heavenly signs at all times in history have borne witness to this life. They are here with us today. And remember, he, whose life does not enrich other people's lives is dead, not living. I hold God as witness when I declare - and to declare anything false in His Name is rank depravity - that God has given me proof of enduring spiritual life - so full of beauty and power - of my revered master, the Chief of us all, Muhammad, on whom be peace. The proof is that by following in his footsteps and by devoting my love to him, I have seen heavenly sings descend upon me and fill my heart with the light of certainty of faith.

(Tiryaq al-Qalub, pg. 6)

Is there a prophet who lives still? Then he is our Holy Prophet (on whom be peace). Books have been written by renowned authors on the Life of the Holy Prophet that he - our Holy Prophet - continues to live is proved by mighty arguments. Arguments which have no equal in any other prophet's life. Among the arguments is this, that a prophet who lives in one whose blessings and graces continue for ever.
(Al Hakam 17 Feb., 1906, pg. 3)

The life of Holy Prophet is a life of enduring worth. A mighty proof of this is that the graces of the graces of the Holy Prophet, his spiritual influence, lives for ever. Those who walk in his footsteps even today become quickened with life, - raised from their graves as it were. They receive the gift of a new spiritual life.
(Aina Kamalat Islam pg. 221)

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