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Holy Prophet Muhammad (saw) - 8

Holy Prophet Muhammad (saw)
The promised Messiah's Beliefs (from his writings)

The last thing that I would like to say is that we have received every kind of light by following this Messenger / Prophet who is unlettered; whoever will follow him will become the recipient of these lights. His prayers will be accepted in... such a way that he will not find anything beyond his power of accomplishment. The living God Who is hidden from the eyes of the people will become his God (i.e. it will be as if he sees Him) and all the false gods will be trampled under his feet. He will be blessed wherever he will be and God’s powers will be with him.

(Siraj-i-Munir, p-73)

There is no need to follow the prophethoods and the scriptures that were there before the coming of the Holy Prophet Muhhamad, peace be on him, individually or collectively, for, the prophethood of the Holy Prophet is a compendium of all of them and it encompasses them all. All other avenues are now closed; all the truths that lead a man to God are to be met with in it. No new truth will henceforth be revealed nor there was any truth in the previous scriptures which has been left out from this prophethood. That being the case, this prophethood brings all the other prophethoods to an end – and that is how it should have been, for, whatever has a beginning must have an end. But this prophethood – that of the Holy Prophet, peace be on him, is not devoid of its spiritual influence, rather its spiritual influence is much greater than the influence of all other prophethoods. The follower ship of this prophethood leads a man to God very easily and it vouchsafes the love of God and makes one recipient of His converse, more than ever before. But of course such a person cannot be called a prophet, for, it is a disgrace for the perfect prophethood of the holy Prophet, peace be on him; both the words put together – the prophet and the Ummti (follower) – can be his title. That is no disgrace to the prophethood of the Holy Prophet, peace be on him. Rather, it can be said that this thing adds the glow of his prophethood because it comes into existence through his own blessings.

( Al-Wasiat, p-12 )

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